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How to change information on your ESTA?

Learn how you can complete modifications to your ESTA authorisation document online, which information can be modified and which require a new ESTA application.

The online ESTA application process is a simplified procedure that enables you to visit the United States without the necessity of applying for a visa. This travel authorisation which is valid for two years from its date of issue can therefore be reused to complete several visits, transits or stopovers to the USA on the condition that the information originally given is still valid. In certain cases, if the information has changed, it is possible to undertake certain modifications on your file online. Here we will explain which information can be changed and how to complete these modifications simply and directly online.


The situations whereby it is necessary to complete modifications to your ESTA application:

Let us start with a reminder in which cases it is necessary to modify information on your ESTA file. In fact, once you have submitted your application form and paid the related costs and fees you cannot change the information you have given and must wait for an email response to your application. When you have received your response you may, if necessary, modify certain information that we will detail later on. But in which cases is it necessary to modify the information given on this form?

Firstly it is possible that you have made a simple mistake when you applied online. In this case it is of course necessary to correct this mistake as this could cause a problem during your boarding or when passing through the border control when you arrive in the USA.

In the same way, if you wish to visit the USA again with a previously obtained ESTA and some of the original information has changed then you should also modify this information to ensure you can complete your visit.

We will look at these few elements in detail a little later.


Which information is it possible to modify on your ESTA?

We will now examine in detail the information that you can modify directly online on your ESTA file. In fact, all types of modifications are not possible and in the majority of cases you will be required to reapply for an ESTA so all the modifications can be taken into account. There is however some information that can be modified after the submission of your ESTA authorisation application and that therefore do not require a new examination of your file.   

For example, you may easily change the email address that you gave on your initial application and thereby continue to access your file if you no longer have the same email address as before. This modification can be completed online and is totally free of charge.

In the same way if you have moved since your initial ESTA application then you are required to advise this change of address on your authorisation which has to state your current residential address to be valid for your visit. It is also important to note here that if you have moved to a country which is not part of the ESTA system then you cannot continue to use this authorisation to visit the USA and will need to apply for a traditional visa.

It is equally possible to modify online your destination address where you will stay during your visit to the USA. It is logical that you will use another address than you did for your first visit. In this case it is possible to change the address you will stay at or your American destination airport online. Unfortunately this is the only information that you can modify on your ESTA file without having to complete a new ESTA travel authorisation application online.


The information that you cannot modify on your ESTA authorisation:

As we have just examined, the information that can be modified on your ESTA file is fairly limited and in the vast majority of cases you will therefore need to complete a new travel authorisation application online when certain situations have changed or information has changed. Here are some examples of information that cannot be modified once your ESTA application has been submitted as well as explanations why a modification is not possible in these circumstances.

The principal example relates to the passport number that cannot be modified under any circumstances for a very simple reason. It should be remembered that the ESTA is an electronic or digital travel authorisation which is digitally linked to the biometric or electronic passport of which the number is stated in the application questionnaire. Therefore, if you have to renew your passport due to expiry, loss or theft you will need to reapply for an ESTA authorisation as the current ESTA cannot be transferred to the new passport.

In the same way, any change concerning your identity such as a change in your first or last name, or your gender cannot simply be modified. This is notably the case following a marriage or divorce with a change of name by the woman. Here it is very important to remember that the information given on your identity stated on your ESTA application form must be exactly the same as that stated on your passport.

It goes without saying that any other mistake or change relating to a response given to other questions on the ESTA application form cannot be modified online. In fact, it is your answers to these questions that will enable the American authorities to examine your application and give a negative or positive response to your request.

Therefore, and in the majority of cases, you will need to reapply for an ESTA to continue to use this authorisation risk free and without interruption to be able to visit the USA again. Without completing certain modifications if your papers are examined during boarding or on your arrival in the United States then your ESTA will probably not be accepted and your visit thereby impossible.


Is it possible to modify an ESTA application form online if mistakes have been made during its completion?

We have just explained in detail the information that you can modify on your ESTA file after obtaining this travel authorisation as well as which information you cannot change that requires a new online application.

Let us now examine the possibility of modifying the ESTA application form, notably if an error has been made during its completion which unfortunately is a situation that often occurs and can lead to a refusal to your authorisation request to visit the USA.

What you need to know is that once your ESTA application form has been submitted it can no longer be modified and you cannot therefore correct any mistakes you have made once the payment has been completed. This is because a response is given within 72 hours and therefore does not leave any time available for modifications to be completed.

Therefore, and to avoid having to modify your application form, it is best to read through the answers that you have given to each of the questions on the form before submitting it definitively. This is possible through an intermediate stage where you will be able to access your information after completing the questionnaire online. You will in fact be given the opportunity to read through the entire completed application before submitting it. In this way, by taking a few extra minutes to read it through, you can ensure that you have made no mistakes which could lead to a refusal through a simple error.


A practical explanation on how to proceed with a modification to your ESTA:  

Now that you know in which cases it is possible, or not, to modify the information on your ESTA let us pass onto more practical things by explaining how to proceed with a modification to your online ESTA file.

Firstly if you need to modify your ESTA it is best if you have your reference number that was initially given when you submitted your application. With this simple file number you can, from the majority of ESTA service websites, access your file and thereby modify certain basic information that we explained above.

Of course, if you have lost your reference number it will still be possible to access your ESTA and complete certain modifications through the official American government website by providing certain information relating to your identity such as your complete name and date of birth.

When the modifications have been recorded you will of course need to wait for the American authorities to check the new information before you can reuse your ESTA. This can take up to 72 hours, the same time as for the initial application.


Is the modification to an ESTA authorisation payable or not?

Another question that is asked by many people that need to modify their ESTA authorisation concerns the necessity, or not, of paying supplementary fees to do so. 

In reality, the requirement to pay these supplementary fees or not actually depends on the type of modifications you complete. If you simply update the information that can easily and legally be completed online then you should have nothing extra to pay.

In any case, if you make any major modifications to your ESTA or the information changed does not feature on the list of information that you may change then you will need to complete a new application by repeating the entire application procedure from the beginning. In this case you will of course also be required to again pay all the transfer and processing costs of your application which is totally logical as your new application will have to be examined again by the American authorities responsible for immigration.  

The majority of websites that enable you to access your file in order to modify your address or your destination may also require payment of the transfer fees. To summarise, the only totally free modification to your ESTA is that of your email address.


Is it possible to simply modify your ESTA when it arrives at its expiry date?

Let us now continue with the particular case relating to the expiry of your ESTA. We have examined all the cases whereby a modification is required to certain information given in your ESTA application but it is also possible that certain information has changed after the expiry of your initial authorisation.

Firstly it should be remembered that your ESTA authorisation has a validity period of two years from when it is granted and you can use it for numerous visits during this time as long as the information given remains the same or certain necessary modifications have been completed successfully. However, once the validity period expires you cannot simply renew your ESTA; you will need to reapply from the beginning as if it is your first application. It is therefore not really possible to modify your ESTA once it has expired but you can easily re-enter the correct information in the new application form.

It should be noted here that if you have already obtained an ESTA authorisation it is not guaranteed that you will be granted this authorisation again if certain major information has changed on your file. The good news is that certain websites such as the one we recommend here will fully refund your costs and fees you have paid for your application if it is refused.