The procedure to obtain a visa for Turkey

If you plan to visit Turkey in the not too distant future then waste no more time, apply for your visa now by completing the e-visa application directly online in only a few minutes.

Travelling to Turkey, as with any visit to a country outside the European Union, requires a certain amount of preparation beforehand, notably relating to administrative procedures. In fact, to visit this country you will of course need to hold a valid passport in your own name as well as a visa type travel authorisation. For this travel authorisation you have the choice between a traditional visa application which is completed through your closest Turkish Embassy or maybe you can benefit from the much simpler online e-visa programme that also saves a lot of time and that we will explain in detail later in this article including how to actually apply for this visa and the procedure you will need to follow.


The difference between a visa and an e-visa to visit Turkey:

Firstly it should be remembered that you will need to obtain a visa before travelling to Turkey, whether it is an e-visa or a traditional visa. But what exactly is the difference between these two types of travel authorisation?

In reality there is no difference between the classic visa obtained through a Turkish Embassy and an e-visa relating to the rights that each of these two solutions offers the visitor. The major difference between these two visas only concerns the manner in which you complete the application.

An e-visa, as indicated by its name, is basically an online application for a visa that is 100% digital. As we will explain later in more detail, describing the procedure step by step, you no longer need to visit an embassy to obtain this visa and can complete the entire procedure from your home using a PC or tablet that is connected to the internet. The processing time is also far less which enables you to prepare for your visit more easily and efficiently.

However, to benefit from this e-visa programme, you must of course fulfil certain eligibility criteria that we will detail below.


Which conditions must you fulfil to benefit from an e-visa for Turkey?

As we have just explained, the online e-visa application for Turkey is a simplified system that enables you to obtain a visa for this country without the need to visit any administrative offices; the procedure is completed entirely online. However this simplified procedure is only available to certain visitors that fulfil certain conditions as follows:

Firstly you should know that citizens from all countries are not automatically eligible for the e-visa programme for Turkey.  There is in fact a detailed and precise list of countries whose residents are eligible for this programme. The good news is that Ireland and the United Kingdom are on this list. Of course, visitors from countries that are not on this list can still apply for a traditional visa through their nearest Turkish Embassy.

Still relating to the conditions you should fulfil to be able to apply for an e-visa for Turkey, we would note that the reason for your visit is important.  The e-visa only applies for visits for tourism, business trips, transits or stopovers in Turkey.     

It should also be noted that the conditions you should fulfil to benefit from this procedure can also vary according to the nationality of the applicant and the issuing country of their passport. However, as a general rule certain conditions are common to all nationalities.

This notably concerns the necessity of holding a visa in your own name, including children accompanied by their parents. It is of course necessary to hold a valid passport of which the expiry date is at least 6 months after the arrival date in the country. Finally, it is prohibited to use an e-visa to work in Turkey or live there definitively.


What is the procedure to follow to obtain an e-visa for Turkey:

Let us now continue with the practical aspects and the reason why you are on this website, learning about the different steps in the application procedure for your online e-visa for Turkey.        

The first stage consists of visiting an approved website that will supply you with an online application form, preferably in your native language, to obtain this visa, such as the website we have chosen as our partner and which we highly recommend.

You therefore simply need to complete this form entering your personal information concerning your identity such as your full name, the names of your parents, your passport number and its expiry date as well as your email address. The latter is extremely important as your e-visa will be sent to this address.

This form does not include questions related to your visit however some applicants from specific countries will need to provide certain documents when they arrive in Turkey. In all cases we recommend that you take great care when completing this application form and read through the entire form carefully before definitively submitting it to ensure that you have made no mistakes. If you have any questions relating to this application form and the way you should respond to one or another of the questions asked then you can of course ask an advisor in real time online.

Once the form has been completed you will need to pay the fees online for the transfer and processing of your visa application.


What is the length of the validity period of an e-visa for Turkey that is obtained online?

We will now examine another important point relating to the e-visa for Turkey which this time relates to the length of its validity period.

An electronic visa for Turkey is in fact valid for a total of 180 days following its issue date. It is important however not to confuse this validity period with the maximum length of your visit to Turkey authorised by this document.  In fact, with your electronic visa you can stay for a maximum period of 30 consecutive days on Turkish territory.

However we would draw your attention to the fact that the maximum number of days allowed for your visit to this country can also vary depending on the nationality of the visitor that has completed the application. The length of time for which you are entitled to stay will of course be clearly indicated during the online application procedure.

Given that a visa for Turkey has a defined validity period it can be tempting to leave completing this procedure until shortly before your departure date however we recommend that you apply at least one or two weeks before your departure date to ensure there are no delays to your visit.


How much does a visa for Turkey cost and how do you complete payment?

It is quite difficult to answer this question precisely regarding the cost of a visa for Turkey as the actual cost depends on various factors including the nationality of the applicant as well as the website they use to apply. Of course, the exact price of your e-visa will be indicated during your online application procedure.

The amount you will need to pay also includes the legal fees due to the Turkish authorities for issuing your visa and the fees due to the online service provider you choose for transferring and processing your application.

Payment of these fees can only be completed online through a secure server. You will therefore need to ensure you hold a valid credit or debit card before completing your visa application for Turkey. Without completing payment of these fees your application will not be transferred and processed within the time quoted and you therefore risk setbacks to your visit due to a delay in the delivery of your visa.


How long does it take to obtain an electronic visa for Turkey and how is it delivered:

To conclude, you may be wondering how long it takes to obtain your visa for Turkey and how it will be sent to you.

When you complete this procedure online your visa is generally sent to you by email sometime between 24 and 48 hours after its submission, directly to the email address indicated when you completed the application form online.

Once you obtain this email, do not forget to open the visa attached or click on the link so you can download it.  You should then print it so you can insert a copy in your passport. You should keep this document with you at all times during your visit.