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Travelling abroad: Which authorisation?

Visiting countries outside the European Union can sometimes be daunting to people due to the administrative constraints and procedures they incur. In fact, numerous countries require you to possess not just a passport but other administrative documents such as a visa which can require significant time and money to acquire.

Luckily certain countries have implemented programmes offering electronic travel authorisations that simplify the administrative procedure and can enable you to obtain a travel authorisation rapidly and with just a few clicks of your mouse. On this website we offer you the opportunity to learn more about this type of electronic travel authorisation, which countries offer them and how to apply for them directly online through the internet.

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What is an electronic travel authorisation, and the visa waiver programme?

First of all, let us take a few moments to look at exactly what is an electronic travel authorisation. To better understand its use we should note here that this type of travel authorisation is part of a visa waiver programme. In fact, this authorisation basically replaces a traditional visa and, as you will learn later in more detail, it enables certain people to visit a country by offering an administrative solution that does away with the often long and tedious visa procedure.
As indicated by its name, the electronic travel authorisation is an entirely paper free programme. This means that the entire procedure is completed online, through the internet, and you will not be sent any paper documents to complete or present when you travel.
The principle here is to complete a simple application form online indicating your full name, your address and your passport number and answering some simple questions in an honest and clear manner. The form is then submitted to the relevant authorities of the country concerned and a response is sent to you by email within a maximum of 72 hours. You may note that this response is generally far faster and that the majority of applicants obtain a response in only a few hours. Once the approval of your travel authorisation application has been received you have nothing further to do as this is automatically and electronically or digitally linked to your passport number. You simply need to present your passport in the usual way during the boarding procedure and when you arrive at your destination.
Currently only three destinations have implemented such a visa waiver programme. These are the United States with its ESTA travel authorisation, Canada with its ETA authorisation and Australia with its ETA authorisation programme. This website was created for the purpose of presenting the ETA and ESTA authorisations for these destinations and assisting you in learning and understanding the conditions you need to fulfil to obtain them through the completion of an online application.


The ESTA authorisation for the United States and its particularities:

Let us commence by examining the conditions to be fulfilled to be able to travel to the United States without a visa using the ESTA.
Firstly, you need to be a permanent resident of one of the ESTA programme’s member countries such as the United Kingdom.
Another point, your visit to the USA should under no circumstances be for longer than 90 days or three months and should not have the objective of working in the USA.
Of course, you should be compliant with American law and all the criteria relating to rights of entry as stated by the American government should be met.
Once obtained this ESTA authorisation is valid for a two year period and can be reused for several visits on the condition that the information given on the application is still correct and unchanged.


The ETA travel authorisation for Canada and its particularities:

The ETA authorisation was created for visitors that reside permanently in one of the countries that are members of this programme, therefore United Kingdom residents can apply online for their Canadian ETA using a simple online form.
Concerning the conditions to be fulfilled to obtain this authorisation, and apart from your nationality, it should be noted that this travel authorisation uniquely concerns visits of less than 90 days that have the objective of visiting the country for touristic reasons or visiting friends or family and will not be approved for visits related to work or study.
Finally, you should hold a valid biometric or electronic passport of which the validity covers the moment when you apply and the entire duration of your visit to that country.
If you fulfil all these criteria and the answers given to the questions asked in the application form correspond to the rules and laws currently applicable in the relative country then you will obtain your ETA in only a few hours and may continue with your travel plans unimpeded and with peace of mind.
This ETA authorisation can be obtained directly here online and this is sent to you shortly within a maximum of 72 hours.
Once this authorisation has been linked to your passport it is valid for a period of five years on the condition that no important information has changed.


The ETA authorisation for Australia and its particularities:

Finally we will also cover the ETA electronic travel authorisation for Australia on this website. There again the United Kingdom is also one of the visa waiver programme’s member countries and United Kingdom visitors that fulfil the stated conditions can therefore benefit fully from this system.
As with the other types of travel authorisation such as the ESTA and ETA, the ETA for Australia is only relevant for visits of less than 90 days or three months in Australia and excludes working visits to this country.
Once obtained, this authorisation will be valid for a full year for any future visits to Australia on condition that they fulfil the same conditions and no major personal information has changed.


What type of information will you find on our website?

As you will notice, our website has the objective of informing and accompanying those who wish to visit the United States, Canada or Australia without applying for a visa by using an electronic travel authorisation. Therefore all the subjects relating to these travel authorisations are covered fully and we have paid particular attention to ensuring that all possible questions you could ask about these online procedures have been covered in detail.
You will also learn more about these online application forms; how to complete them, the reasons for a refusal and the solutions available should this occur, as well as the type of visits that are authorised.
Due to numerous full and detailed articles you will be able to complete this application confidently and rapidly obtain your travel authorisation for a successful visit to the destination of your dreams.


How to access the travel authorisation application forms online?

Apart from offering information concerning the different procedures for obtaining travel authorisations for the United States, Canada and Australia we do of course offer you the opportunity to access the different travel authorisation application forms online.
To simplify the procedure for you these forms are of course available in various languages including French and English through a professional and reputable website that we have chosen for you for its professionalism and pro-active qualities. If you have any queries or difficulties relating to these forms or require any assistance whatsoever then you will find the necessary assistance and support on our partners’ websites.
To access these forms from our website you simply need to click on one of the links available that corresponds to the country that you wish to visit.
It should be noted here that you have the possibility of effecting applications for several visitors at the same time if you plan to visit as part of a group of friends or family group, on the condition that the person who completes the applications has all the information required.


When to complete an electronic travel authorisation application?

To conclude this introduction it is important to remember that these travel authorisations are obligatory for all visitors who do not hold a visa and should be obtained before the departure date. In the case to the contrary then the visitor may be refused permission at the airport to board their flight.
Also, the ESTA and ETA electronic travel authorisations are relative to the majority of visitors, even those who are young in which case it is the parents who will be required to complete the necessary authorisation applications. Therefore each visitor will also be required to hold an individual valid passport.
This is the same for simple transits or stopovers in these countries with a different final destination but which still require a travel authorisation that is valid on the outgoing and incoming flights.
It is therefore recommended to complete these applications in advance to ensure you have time to find another solution in the case of a refusal.


Is it possible to modify an electronic travel authorisation online?

On our website we also examine a question that is asked by many visitors that have already completed an ESTA or ETA application which has been refused or for which certain supplied information has changed.
In fact, the cases authorising a simple modification of registered information are rare and depend on the legislation of each country. We will therefore enter into more detail on this subject in individual and complete articles that will explain the specifics relating to authorised modifications for each type of travel authorisation.
Our website is not only aimed at those visitors who wish to obtain their initial electronic travel authorisation, it is also ideal for those people who have already completed this procedure to continue to benefit and reap full advantage of their ESTA or ETA.
To conclude, our website is the ideal place if you wish to prepare confidently and carefully for your visit to the USA, Canada or Australia. There you will find all the information you need to obtain your travel authorisation as well as practical advice and recommendations to organise your visit from an administrative point of view.